Celebrities And Hypnosis

Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

  • Ben Affleck smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years, until impending fatherhood prompted him to quit. Ben went to a hypnotherapist recommended by his friend, Matt Damon.  Ben Affleck tells Oprah he used Hypnosis to stop smoking: “I finally decided to quit smoking when I found out I was going to have a child. That was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me. I decided to go to a hypnotist. You sit in a chair and the hypnotist sips water and just talks to you for an hour, and explains how nicotine is poison.  All of a sudden, I thought, ‘This is asinine that I’ve been doing this to myself for all these years.’ My last cigarette was on November 10th, 2005, and I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago.”
  • Matt Damon quit smoking using hypnosis after filming ‘The Ocean’s Twelve’. He said afterwards: “It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes any more” and told America on Jay Leno’s show “I should have done it years ago, using hypnosis was one of the greatest decisions of my life!”
  • Ellen DeGeneres , Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, Samuel L. Jackson and Winona Ryder stopped smoking with hypnosis. 

Celebrities Who Used Hypnosis For Other Issues

  • Reese Witherspoon has used hypnosis to overcome her insecurities.  According to the Cambridge Times web site, the 38-year-old actress said that years of being told she was too fat or short for Hollywood roles had taken their toll on her self esteem, so she turned to hypnosis for a confidence boost before taking on the role of Cheryl Strayed in ‘Wild’.
  • Orlando Bloom was so hooked on chocolate as a child, his mother called in a hypnotist to help him shape up.  Mother knows best.
  • Steve Hooker of Australia won the 2008 Gold Medal in Pole Vaulting after his hypnotist helped him to visualize his success.
  • Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist – was known to go into a trance through self hypnosis every afternoon. His theory of relativity came to him during one of these sessions. He also used trance states to develop his ideas
  • According to The Mirror, Kate Middleton used HypnoBirthing, a powerful technique created by Certified Hypnotist, Marie Mongan. She used it to to stay calm and visualize birth.
  • Sylvester Stallone used hypnosis early in his career to overcome rejections from producers for his movie manuscript for Rocky. That movie went on to be a huge box office hit grossing over  $225,000,000
  • Tiger Woods gained a mental edge for golf using hypnosis.  Tiger Woods‘ mental coach hypnotizes him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course.