Hypnosis Testimonials


What Actual Clients of Puddle City Lifeworks & Hypnosis Are Saying
  • M. McDonald wrote: "To be honest, I was a bit skeptical prior to my first appointment with Ray. Having anxiety that was affecting my marriage and my ability to be the mother I wanted to be, I decided to give hypnosis a try. Ray's calm, warming voice and presence lead me through a state of being that I was familiar with, having been a meditator my whole life. I left the session with a full feeling of love, comfort, peace, and well-being. I was amazed at my significant improvement after that first session, that has carried through still to this day. I have received multiple sessions of hypnosis from Ray, each with a different focus, and have noticed significant upgrades in myself following each session. I highly recommend his services and am confident in his ability to help each one of us to succeed where we'd like to succeed in life."
  • N. K. Cummings wrote: Puddle City Lifeworks & Hypnosis is exactly what I've needed for so long but didn't know it! At first, I'll admit I was a little skeptical of all the hype I've heard about hypnotherapy, but the other things I have tried haven't worked, so I figured why not? I'm so very glad I did.  Ray has the most calming presence, and he seems ready and capable of tackling any issue I've come at him with in our sessions. He is completely suited for being a hypnotherapist, and it's clear that his passion for and commitment to the empowerment and well-being of his clients are his top priorities. If you have mental/emotional hurdles, habits or traumas that are weighing you down, it'd be worth your while to check it out. You'll only feel better.
  • A. Walker wrote: Had a wonderful session with Ray today! I'd never been through hypnosis, and had some anxiety about it. But Ray's presence was very reassuring. The whole thing was great - doing it again in a week!