The Benefits of Hypnosis

The Benefits of Hypnosis

It’s no secret.   We often become comfortable with drudging through life, expecting it all to be worth it.   For change to happen to us, we say, “one day, if I keep pushing through this unhappy, stressful feeling.  If I keep sacrificing myself, it will all pay off.”   This my friend, is the hard path.

What would it feel like if you didn’t have to sacrifice your happiness?   Instead, get your big pay off and create the change you want.   Imagine what that would feel like? Wouldn’t it feel great to find out you already have the tools you need?

Now, imagine the problems in your life.   The things that hold you back from what you really want.   What will your life be like when those problems are gone?   What would you do with all the free time those problems tied up?  Imagine that happy you.  The you with a great new direction.

Puddle City Lifeworks & Hypnosis can offer all this.   You will be taught to be your own hypnotist.   This way, you can use your tools for any and every situation to come.

We can Help 

Weight Managment

Pain Managment

Stress Managment

Smoking Cessation

Anxiety Reduction

Eliminate Negative Self Talk

Overcome Fears

Lower Blood Pressure

Memory Improvement

Habit Control

Confidence and Ego boost

Get Motivated

Overcome Insomnia

Live out of State or can't make the commute?  We offer convenient  Skype sessions.  Schedule One Today!

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Can’t make it to the office? Set up a Skype session and use your computer or mobile device and have a hypnosis session from the comfort of your home.  Some basic requirements apply.