Meditation Session

Meditation Services

New Client Single Session Meditation Rate (90-minute) $65

Together with this initial session we will set goals and get a general idea of what kind of meditation practice you would like to begin.  We will work with you to educate and support the goals you set forth.  This initial session will have goal setting, education, and a 30-45-minute Guided meditation session to fit your needs.  After this initial session, you qualify for the single session rate below.

Single Session Rate Meditation Session (60-minutes) $45

This session is perfect for the beginner who wants to have support feeling comfortable with meditation, or someone who is very comfortable with meditation.  We personalize each session to the needs of each and every client.  After your initial session where we set goals and get a general idea of your needs and wants surrounding a meditation practice, your sessions will include education on different meditation concepts along with a 30-45-minute Guided Meditation session.