Skype Sessions

Skype Hypnosis Sessions

Can’t make it to the office? Set up a Skype session and use your computer or mobile device and have a hypnosis session from the comfort of your home.  Some basic requirements apply.pclh503 - Skype Sessions

New Client Skype Hypnosis Rate (90-minutes) $95

Includes intake, followed by a session with goal setting and education on self-hypnosis, mindfulness, or meditation.  It is strongly recommended that clients commit to a minimum of 3 sessions for most beneficial effects.

Single Session Skype Hypnosis Rate (60-minutes) $75

Just like the in-office sessions, this 60-minute hypnosis session is set up to reinforce the work we did during your initial session of goal setting, education, and hypnosis.  Depending on your individual needs, this 60-minute session will consist of education surrounding Self-hypnosis, mindfulness, or meditation, along with a 30-45-minute Hypnosis session geared towards supporting your goals of change.

Single Session Skype Hypnosis Plus (90-minutes) $95

This 90-minute session is available after your first Skype Hypnosis session.  The first half of this session includes detailed education of self-hypnosis, meditation, and mindfulness, along with education of tools that will help you along the way.  The rest of the session geared towards using hypnosis to overcome whatever is troubling you.